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December 4, 2007

Zat’s Not Funny: TiVo Adds Picasa Albums and Photbucket

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Broadband-connected TiVo units can now access Picasa Web Albums (Google) and Photobucket images. From the press release:

“By working with these well-respected and popular photo-sharing partners TiVo enables families to share their pictures in new, fun ways. TiVo continues to show our commitment to differentiated product offerings by allowing subscribers to share their memories on the best picture frame in the house – – their television.” Photos will be displayed at the highest possible resolution on each TiVo box, meaning TiVo Series3™ and TiVo HD subscribers can see their memories in full high definition.

The original (and now dead) Yahoo Photos widget is still listed within the Music, Photos, & More menu, though it remains to be seen if it will ultimately be replaced with a Flickr stub incorporated into this new Photos and Slideshows widget. I haven’t really put the photo apps through their paces yet (I’m on the road this week), but did notice some of my pics appear as broken images (shown below) and wonder why the new HME app is buried so far down the menu. However, I do prefer the idea of accessing already-organized online photos rather than keeping a local computer running to feed the TiVo (via TiVo Desktop software).

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