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October 18, 2007

Gone Baby Gone – Lots of Buzz, let’s save Ben Affleck’s Career

Filed under: Cool Stuff — doctorfeelgood @ 3:11 pm

This movie looks like it will be awesome!

Almost everyone has watched Ben Affleck’s acting career take a nosedive off the deep end and rocket downwards to what could be the end. Ever since Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, and Gigli, he hasn’t been able to recover. Even Hollywoodland, where he stole the show as George Reeves, was a box office failure, and Smokin’ Aces was another forgettable flick with hardly any Affleck anyway. However all of this could change in the next few weeks, as Affleck has stepped behind the camera to write and direct and the result is incredible. Now the problem – everyone needs to actually go out and see Gone Baby Gone! And Affleck knows it too; he knows his career depends entirely on this movie’s success.


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