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October 12, 2007

Half Life 2 Episode 2

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Well, it is out and has awesome reviews. This means as soon as I forced myself to finish Bioshock, then I get to move on to HL2EP2. I hope my 6800GS OC has the grunt to handle the HDR that must be in Ep2 as it was in Ep1 (the short small free level) and it looked OK.

Scott Johnson’s linkage to a pile of scores

Please follow me to Steam and buy this sucka so Valve keeps cranking these puppies out!  I have NEVER had trouble with Steam and it seems to be a non-resource hog now too.  Or maybe CPUs have improved since Half Life 1 came out (Pentium IIs I think!).  I downloaded BioShock through Steam with no issues and I know my son is a SWAT and Counter Strike: Source playing maniac and I have never been tapped for tech support!  Too bad STALKER didn’t pry me away from my familial duties – maybe when they put it on sale for $25 . . . .


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