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September 17, 2007

Weekend Update: Bioshock, Doom 3 and Harry Potter

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The scoop:

Bioshock – just entered the Farmer’s Market.  According to the 360 walk through, I am not half way through yet.

Harry Potter – page 71.  In on hour.  Nice.

Perfect Stranger – half way through, netflix’s DVD is scratched to sh*t.   nice.


Bioshock – great fun.  Best game ever – no. HL2 is better.  I still never have Electric Buck (shot) for the shotgun when I find a Big Daddy.  Crap.  I end up using a bunch of frag grenades, which work if you hit Mr. daddy in the face.   Fun though – have become a pretty good hacker – having some upgrades helps too!

Doom 3 – my son is finally old enough to play a violent shooter, so we is playing my old copy.  He is progressing well, just left Alpha labs, having started on Sunday afternoon.  Kinda fun to go over strategy with the offspring.  I would boot it up and play along but Bioshock has me.  Plus, I realized FEAR is down to $20 so that might be next – the demo insulted me so I gave up and never purchased it.  Is Episode 2 ever coming?

Harry Potter – nice start to the book, now for the boring character development.  Maybe finish next week – this weekend is crazy busy!

Perfect Stranger is so far a good show – like they have to kill her childhood friend to get her to try to bring Bruce down.  Oh well, lets see how many other cliches get fulfilled before it is over.

Emmy’s – who  cares.  Nothing I like is ever up for anything.  24 – OK, I didn’t even finish the last season as I was bored.  It is still on the TiVo, there is no incentive to finish it.  And now, I forget what the story was.  Likely, I need to erase it!  Played Bioshock the whole time they were on!



  1. I’ve bought a copy of Doom 3 but I’m just too scared to play it(from a 38yr old)
    Bioshock , i’m debating whether to let my 12yr old play it

    Comment by Akhtar — September 17, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

  2. @Akhtar – it is mostly monsters jumping out of the darkness and mood music that is scary, not too gory. There should be lots of gameplay video on YouTube. I can send you the FRAPS movies I have made !!! As for Bioshock, it is kinda violent for a 12 year old in my opinion. It is an M game also. My son is now 15 and has been playing Teen first-person games on his PS2 so DOOM is a minor step up. I wouldn’t let him play when he was 12! It is a tough age for kids, too old for kids stuff, too young for M games . . . IMHO of course. . .

    Comment by doctorfeelgood — September 17, 2007 @ 12:59 pm

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