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September 7, 2007

Comcast Triple Play – Uploading is limited

Filed under: Cool Stuff, Triple Play — doctorfeelgood @ 7:22 am

I don’t know if this was happening before or not and I don’t know if this is recent along with rumors of Comcast messing up BitTorrent seeding, but I was trying to upload a 13MB file to MediaMax.com for a work colleague to download tomorrow (legal file by the way – a process sniffer) and I noticed it was nice and fast (400kbps) thanks to Google Desktop watching my bandwidth usage at the beginning of the file.

Things go downhill fast.  At the 4mb mark, the upload slows to a crawl around 30 kbps.  Ug.  It took a LONG time to finish the upload.  And then I realize that MediaMax doesn’t allow >10MB downloads, so my colleague couldn’t download tomorrow if he wanted to.  So I use WinZip to split the file into nice little 3mb chunks, hoping that will fool Comcast.  NOPE!  After the first 2MB, uploads are slowed.  After canceling the upload several times, I realize that I can only send about 512mb before the throttling kicks in.  I guess I won’t be running a web server from home any time soon.  Is this normal?  I want to do some searching on the tubes to see if others have this issue.  Not that I want to switch – surfing is fast, SpeedTest shows me 5-8mbps down and 1.5 mbs up (must be on small files!)

To be continued. . .


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