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September 4, 2007

Math Jokes

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Women by man with math on chalkboard looking adoringly at man with more complicated math on chalkboard
Click for bigger picture.

–> Here are some goofy math jokes. Note: I preserved the attributions I received with these jokes, but it is likely these are simply the last people who passed them on, not original authors. For more serious thoughts, try my mathematical quotations page.

External links:
Happy Face Math by Charlie Smith. (19 KiB.)

Matrix Rotation
Matrix Rotation from xkcd.
xkcd is a webcomic by Randall Monroe.

More happy face math by Kerry Chin.

Math comics by Dominik Zellinger.

Customer: “How much is a large order of Fibonaccos?”
Cashier: “It’s the price of a small order plus the price of a medium order.”
Henry G. Baker (hbaker@netcom.com).


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