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September 4, 2007

Bioshock Update

Filed under: Cool Stuff — doctorfeelgood @ 11:08 am

1. Download beta drivers from Nvidia for my 6800GT OC.  (which is like a 7600GT).  No link on Nvidia’s page, a link in the forums.  Google saved me!

2.  No help.  Still crashes when the second loading sequence comes up, after the elevator down to the city.  Another forum said he had the same issue – solution is to disable Shader 3.0 called ‘advanced shaders’ or something.  Guess what – it works!!  I tried enabling all other high-end options and several resolutions from 1024×768 up to 13something x something widescreen – works great!! Slows down of course, but looks nice.  Not even slow, but jerky and hard to aim.

3.  I own a widescreen and want like 1280 x 800- my 6800GT should be able to handle that.  The 3800+ X2 has no issues at all!!  Also, nice to see that 2k thinks all graphics options can be set to ‘High’ with my rig.  I agree – at 1024×768.  Higher, it plays nice but is too jerky for my taste.  I guess I could crank it up and turn some of the ‘High’s to ‘Med’.

4.  I have Fraps and plan on seeing if the jerky is me or the game – I don’t want to run benchmarks, just play and see the framerate.  I can also check out a few gaming site that watch real-time framerates I suppose.

5.  BTW – the game is fun!


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