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August 15, 2007

RCMP investigate video showing cars hitting speeds of 300 km/h

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From CBC Canada:

“Alberta RCMP have arrested four people for allegedly driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis at speeds in excess of 300 km/h, one of whom is featured in a video circulating on the internet showing luxury cars hurtling down the province’s highways.”

For y’all Americans, that is 186 mph. Wew! Again, don’t video yourself committing crime – duh. Although I bet it was fun! I hope there is a link to the video so I can watch at home. Wonder where they found smooth enough road for 300k – roads are straight east of Calgary but bumpy . . .


Update: another link, this one says the drivers and cars have been caught, no charges laid as they aren’t sure who did what. I can’t believe they can arrest them on suspicion of dangerous driving. Wow.


Aha – the name of the YouTube video is Speed-run Challenge. So, it seems a fella namd Zahir Rana owns ZR Exotic Auto Sales, a company dealing in our wildest dream cars, made a video which went viral and even the cops are wondering if it is real or faked. Hmm. He himself was driving an Enzo (!), the video features a Lamborghini Gallardo and others. Darn, I am zealous!!! Until they kill themselves or someone on the highway that is. There is a drag strip and a racetrack south of town – take your cars there are speed test them . . . racing is tougher than top speed trials on a highway – man up!!

“I could have done 350, but I ran out of road,” Mr. Rana tells the camera.

News Link

So I found the link (maybe) but I can’t watch it at work . . .

Another five minutes, another google hit on another story.   Seems someone thinks that oil workers get rich – only the CEOs man, not the grunts!!  I am still surprised that there is enough $$ to drive around $300,000 cars.  This story talks about Mr. Rana doing this sort of thing all the time and recording it – duh, you are gonna get caught!!!



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