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August 10, 2007

Excellent BBC Brain Story series available online:

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This is an interesting post.  Whether or not the TV show is really interesting or not, it is copyrighted.  Even though it can be found on BitTorrent (like all media basically) doesn’t mean it is legal.  However, the person making the post has no idea they are proposing people break the law.  They simply watched a TV show in Britain, stumbled across it (likely via Google) seven years later, found a way to watch and want to let the rest of us know.   I agree with the comments below the article, however those are not legal arguments in a court of law.  “I just wanted to watch it – I didn’t know it was illegal?”  I wonder if the BBC has provided a way to legally purchase the episodes, or stream them.  At least some media companies get the picture and let you buy (iTunes, directly) or stream with commercials.  I like streaming and don’t mind too much waiting for 30 seconds to save $1 or two.  I watch Cnet stuff and it is annoying to wait BUT I want to watch Tom and Molly talk about tech – and those can’t be purchased…  I won’t pay $2 an episode for ‘Jericho’ but I will queue it up in Netflix.  I did watch ‘Drive’, the last three, streaming from Fox’s Myspace page.  Not as good as on TV, but I will take it!!!  Is Jericho streamed?  I also watched the last episode of ‘Vanished’ as it was also canceled and I had no other way to see what happened.  Web 2.0 RULES!


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