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July 18, 2007

Google Circa 1998

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I was listening to Net@Nite (Leo Laporte) and Amber mentioned the wayback machine website. I have heard but never looked before. I have tried msn, yahoo and a few others. Neat stuff to see the original websites! Here is Google back in the day. I remember I hadn’t heard of them until 2001. Searching before that for me was a waste of time – could never find anything useful!google-beta.jpg

I just thought about it – apple.com from 1997! Preorder OSX 8, the Newton is for sale and Quicktime VR is showing Mars photos!! And this cool quote “World’s Fastest Home Computer
What’s a machine this fast doing at home? The Power Macintosh 6500 runs at blistering speeds of up to 300MHz.” Awesome!!!


What is next? Dell? Intel? AMD? Not sure AMD was making CPUs in 1997 . . . and Intel won’t come up ! ! HP? Wonder if I can get pricing on a Dell from 1997? Amazon didn’t work – showed links from today . . .

And how many of us loved netscape as they were taking on the man? Here is their page as far back as wayback goes – seems chillingly familiar. I remember a 9600 baud modem and a 386SX20 – owch.

I also tried itunes.com and facebook.com – someone made lots of money as these sites were parked back in 1996.  Apple must have paid $$$ to get itunes.com  Kewl…


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