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July 31, 2007

Felderhof acquitted on Bre-X securities charges

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When I lived in Calgary, there was a huge scandal involving Bre-X. It played out like a spy movie – the CEO or something of the company went missing in the amazon or somewhere, the fella in charge of saying there were diamonds when there weren’t any went into hiding in the Cayman Islands, and the entire banking industry took a huge hit. I remember our RRSP (Canadian version of 401K) manager told me that our plan’s worth went down 25% because they had invested in Bre-X and so had every bank and mutual fund. When the allegations came out, the stock price plummeted and our fund took a hit. There is more info and a timeline for those who are interested – a heck of a story. Now, 10 years later, Felderhof is aquitted. Wow.

Bre-X claimed it had discovered huge amounts of gold in the Busang area of Indonesia. The company’s shares soared from penny stock status to more than $200 a share.

But by the spring of 1997, everything began to unravel. New tests carried out by another company showed there was virtually no gold in the Bre-X deposit. The original positive assay results had been “salted” — the samples had been sprinkled with gold from other sources.

Bre-X scandal cost investors billions

Bre-X stock tanked, costing thousands of investors in the once high-flying company as much as $6 billion. Other gold companies — especially the junior exploration companies — saw their stock prices plunge, too, as Canada’s mining industry suffered a devastating blow to its credibility.

Despite demands for someone to be brought to justice for the fraud, no one was to ever face criminal charges.

One day after the OSC brought its Securities Act charges against Felderhof, the RCMP said it would be impossible to gather enough evidence to lay criminal charges against anyone.

Bre-X geologist Michael de Guzman had died mysteriously in March 1997, after apparently committing suicide by jumping from a helicopter into the Indonesian jungle.

Bre-X president David Walsh died in 1998 after suffering a brain aneurysm at his home in the Bahamas.”




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The pictures of wrecks were mostly uninteresting however the last two episodes of ‘Drive’ via it’s myspace page were AWESOME!!  Too bad the story ends so abruptly.

July 24, 2007

Pix of Wrecks at Sea

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When I get home, I am gonna check this out!

Link – a la Boing^2

‘Drive’ rocks

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I need to find the final two episodes of ‘Drive’ – hopefully legally streamed.  They didn’t broadcast here in SouthWest Michigan like they were supposed on July 14th. However, this is awesome – a cancelled show gets an Emmy nod due to streaming the awesome opening sequence!!!!  I want to see Nathan Fillion is a non-cancelled, awesome TV show. Of course, I didn’t find this.  I found it on Whedonesque.  Awesome as always!  And then it is del.ic.ious’d and Dugg. . .


From Digg: where phrases come from

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I like this kinda stuff – go figure!


Meaning: Ask someone a question they can’t answer
Origin: Actually refers to tree stumps. “Pioneers built their houses and barns out of logs … and they frequently swapped work with one another in clearing new ground. Some frontiersmen would brag about their ability to pull up big stumps, but it wasn’t unusual for the boaster to suffer defeat with a stubborn stump.” (From I’ve Got Goose Pimples, by Marvin Vanoni)


July 23, 2007

Too much time spent on the web….

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Here is a list of stuff that I am doing (in no particular order).

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/doctorfeelgood

Jaiku: doctorfeelgood.jaiku.com

Pownce: pownce.com/1DoctorFeelGood/

Mostly, I update Jaiku not Twitter…

Tumblr: jasonagnew.tumblr.com/ – this is an RSS feed of twitter, jaiku, this blog and all friends. Kinda incoherent actually!

Facebook: this has taken up most of my time this weekend – simply my name!!!

There is a last.fm account (doctorfeelgood), but I hardly ever listen to music online.

That is all!!

PS – I forgot http://doctorfeelgood.stumbleupon.com/  at Stumble Upon ! ! !

and Del.icio.us Link

July 21, 2007

I Love Star Trek but I see his point(s) . . .

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I agree on almost all points.  There is one more.   When aliens address Picards,  they call  him “Captain”.   When I meet someone new, they don’t call me ‘Engineer’.   Weird.  Like we don’t know after one episode that he is the captain of the Enterprise.  Why is his military rank so important??


July 20, 2007

When I want to take a few friends to the beach, I drive this !

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This is a cool ride ! !skypeinvasion.jpg

Next on Oprah: Hairdressers bankrupt Canadian Music Industry.

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From Digg “Just when you thought the recording industry couldn’t get any worse. The recording industry of Canada has now sent letters to salons and dentists saying they can no longer play music while they work unless they pay a fee so it’s PAY UP, STOP! or face legal action.”

I had this sent to me from a news feed from Canada but Digg already had it, but at least I found my own news item for a change!!!

July 19, 2007

This is awesome for . . . I don’t know . . . but it is awesome!

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Digg Linkage

For anyone who wants to stalk someone from work who made them made, a union of phone number lookup and google maps.  Scary.  I assume it fails utterly for cell phones . . .

“Google Maps mashup Phone Number Geolocator takes the first six digits of a phone number (the area code plus 3) and gives you a close approximation of that number’s origin on a Google map. Google has been helping us locate area codes for a while now, but some area codes cover pretty large areas. The Phone Number Geolocator goes one step further.”

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