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June 28, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

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Here is the $$$$$$$$$$$.  Here is the Fox site.

I loved it.  I have been a closet Willis fan forever since before Die Hard, from Moonlighting.  Read Kevin Smith’s blog – he says it well.

I was expecting it to be sucky like Lethal Weapon 4, but I was surpried – It ROCKS.  I disagree that Willis phoned it in.  It was John McLane at his best as always. He is aging but ageless, continues his role as the first action hero to be actually hurt from a fight and have blood and a dirty white shirt to show for it, a cool sidekick, a slightly non-typical bad guy, awesome-cant-happen-in-reality-over-the-top-boom-bang-owch fight action scenes awesome. The movie plot is plausible, the action is almost all nearly possible. The special effects are done well enough to not be a distraction. I agree with all of the positive reviews at RottenTomatoes.com and even agree with the negative stuff to a point – it is a mindless, fun action movie with Willis’s acting providing character and pathos. There is 40 seconds in the middle where we feel for the man who has lost it all saving our butts. It is awesome. I am looking forward to the DVD release and then the Quadrilogy DVD set 2009 Christmas set. I also think that Kevin Smith did a great job – awesome and now I discover his podcast. Nice.


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