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April 27, 2007

Online Petition to save ‘Drive’

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Ok – I am not alone.  Many (1528) others think the same – give ‘Drive‘ a chance!!!!  There is an online petition that you can sign to help save Drive.  I signed – won’t you?

To:  Fox Broadcasting

Fox TV has announced that “DRIVE” will be canceled, with the final two installments possibly airing in May. This show has been on for 3 weeks and is solid entertainment with a fantastic premise and cast. It deserves at least a complete run to finish a storyline. Network TV can not possibly determine how a show will fare in ratings by only 3 weeks worth of airings. Give this show a chance. At least move it to a different timeslot and play out the 13 episode mid season series.


The Undersigned 


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Paul. I really love Drive. It’s the coolest show ive seen in a long time. I can not for the LIFE of me understand why the show is canceled !!! I swear i will personally smack the guy in the face who decided to cancel it ! Whats wrong with you ? You cancel a good show to put what on ? Some dumb family show or animated piece of crap ?

    NO NO NO ! Bring the bloody show back dammit, it’s AWESOME ! And there are alot op ppl who like it. ITS ABOUT CARS !!! And its got a really awesome story, it’s BLOODY BRILLIANT with some of the BEST actors ever ! I bloody can’t understand this. Do i have to come to FOX and take a dump on the CEOs head ?

    People we REALLY need to liven the bloody petition up ! Cmon ! DO WE WANT THIS SHOW BACK ! YES ! SO lets BRING IT BACK !

    YEAH !!!! Let sign every petition we can get our hands on ! We need to let people know were serious and we want the show back ! It just too good to accpet that episode 4 is the end ! The dumb companies stop WAY TOO MANY shows these days because the’ve got some warped idea of whats happening in the world. The kill good actors’ careers and they kill our dreams. I reall want to see Episode 5 ! As well as how this ends !

    PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK !!! YOU must not allow this show to be canceled, it’s too important to people and too good to just let it die !

    I am from South-Africa. And i am begging you to please do not let it die ! Even so far away in the world, there are people passionate about this show. Dont let it die, please bring it back !!!

    PLEASE FOX ! I beg of you.


    Comment by Paul — May 6, 2007 @ 10:25 am

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