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April 27, 2007

Online Petition to save ‘Drive’

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Ok – I am not alone.  Many (1528) others think the same – give ‘Drive‘ a chance!!!!  There is an online petition that you can sign to help save Drive.  I signed – won’t you?

To:  Fox Broadcasting

Fox TV has announced that “DRIVE” will be canceled, with the final two installments possibly airing in May. This show has been on for 3 weeks and is solid entertainment with a fantastic premise and cast. It deserves at least a complete run to finish a storyline. Network TV can not possibly determine how a show will fare in ratings by only 3 weeks worth of airings. Give this show a chance. At least move it to a different timeslot and play out the 13 episode mid season series.


The Undersigned 


April 25, 2007

Serenity in Indy

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Here is the link:

Sat Apr 28 5:45pm (Key Cinemas)

Sun Apr 29 7:15pm (Key Cinemas)

You can’t stop the signal. Even though Serenity was released in 2005, it still maintains massive fan loyalty. The movie follow up to the acclaimed television show Firefly, Serenity is yet another example of why Joss Whedon is loved by so many. This unique look at the future combines amazing characters, action, and Whedon’s classic wit. Come and see why fans flock to this film every time it is shown.

A passenger with a deadly secret. Six rebels on the run. An assassin in pursuit. When the renegade crew of Serenity agrees to hide a fugitive on their ship, they find themselves in an action-packed battle between the relentless military might of a totalitarian regime that will destroy anything – or anyone – to get the girl back and the bloodthirsty creatures who roam the uncharted areas of space. But the greatest danger of all may be on their ship. From the mind of Joss Whedon (TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Angel”) comes this edge-of-your-seat adventure loaded with explosive battles, gripping special effects and fantastic new worlds! – Ellen Leonard

Dang it Fox, 4 shows isn’t enough.

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How can a network can a show after 4 episodes?  There is no way the show could find it’s audience in 3 weeks.  Star Trek didn’t catch on in it’s initial run – most TV shows don’t get good until their third or forth year when the writers really get to know their own characters.  But, ‘Drive‘ is done already according to Variety and TV Guide.  Crap Crap Crap . . . . .

Drive has been impounded.

Multiple sources confirm that Fox has axed the Tim Minear creation after less than three weeks on the air. I’ll go out on a limb and say the show’s crappy ratings were to blame. House encores will take over its Monday/8 pm time slot.

There is one piece of good news: I’m hearing the final two unaired Drive eps may get burned off on consecutive Fridays in May.


April 22, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 works!

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This post is from within Linux!!  COOL!  I tried to install to a USB flash drive but it won’t boot.  Oh well, try a USB hard drive tomorrow.  So far, all I can get to work is ‘safe video’ mode – otherwise I have no cursor.  To cure last nights issue, I set the video mode to 1024×768 – anything less and all I get is purple.  Odd.  More playing tomorrow – like dvd playing, scanning, etc.

April 21, 2007

Jaynestown and Shindig

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Two cool episodes of FireFly  Both got watched this fine evening!!!

April 18, 2007

Drown my sorrow in ‘The Train Job’

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I have been watching the Firefly episodes again – I am skipping around watching favorites like Out Of Gas and Objects In Space.  Tonight is The Train Job– ya haw!  I have even been Twitter/Jaiku’ing about them but I don’t think the 6 people who are watching me are real people.  Although twitter.com/foxdrive is a friend – I need to tell him that I LOVE Drive – as I do!!  Oh, the sorrow is that there is no Firefly Season 5 to watch tonight.  And I am missing the Serenity screening in Chicago for personal reasons – but there is one in Indianapolis in 2 weeks – I hope to go to that one! ! ! !

Drive Ratings

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I am stupid busy at work and I can’t blog from where I am now so here is all that is important this week:

Drivefans.com has a ratings post:

This is the ratings break down for Episodes 1, 2 and 3:

8:00 p.m. 4.0/ 6 – Viewers: 6.41 million (#4), A18-49: 2.6/ 7 (#3)
8:30 p.m. 3.9/ 6 – Viewers: 6.32 million (#4), A18-49: 2.6/ 7 (#3)
9:00 p.m. 3.6/ 5 – Viewers: 5.87 million (#4), A18-49: 2.6/ 6 (#3)
9:30 p.m. 3.7/ 5 – Viewers: 5.59 million (#4), A18-49: 2.6/ 6 (#3)


9:00 p.m. 3.5/6 – Viewers: 5.64 million (#4), A18-49: 2.3/ 6 (#4)
These are, unfortunately, well below expectations. The good news is that what viewers *did* tune into Drive mostly stayed around for the first 3 episodes, which means the show is of a quality to make people come back for more. Or, in other words, the viewers generally like what they see, but not enough tuned in to find out what the show is like.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 April 2007 )

What this means to me is I am gonna watch the 13 that are made or about to be made and I HOPE a few million more tune in.  Otherwise, Nathan and Tim are gonna have another Firefly on their hands – which although Firefly is awesome and great and awesome, it got canned after season 0.5 is what I was referring to.  If it wasn’t for Mr. Fillion being involved, I am not sure I would be watching.  I do like the show and am into it.  Also, my love of 24 is fading fast so this is a good replacement!!!

April 16, 2007

‘Drive’ with Nathan Fillion on Fox!

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I don’t know what to say. It is awesome! To see Captain Reynolds back in action is great!!! Even better, the producer and some of the cast were at Nathan’s house last night sending live Twitters while the first two hours of the premiere were on!!!!! I missed it – watched the show later on TiVo. So tonight, I am ready to check it out and BOOM no one is there – I hope the time difference is the issue. So, I am going to watch again at 11pm and hope that they are watching in L.A. ! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Check out twitter.com/foxdrive

As for the show, I am definetly interested even without the awesome cast. It is a neat premise and it looks awesome. The ‘graphics’ are excellent!!!

April 10, 2007

Video Cards?

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I was looking for something else and thought about this – my 6800GS OC isn’t available at newegg anymore, so I checked here and sweet – tigerdirect and amazon both have ’em. Of course, I would need $170 to go SLI. I am wondering if there are other cards that are $200 and are faster than SLI?

Hmm. I heard Tom’s Hardware was sold to someone. There is an awesome article there. I think the 6800GS’s replacement is the 7600GS. Even so, a 7900GT is faster than 2 7600GTs for an extra $60. The reviewer says the x1950xt is far better that a 7900GT but the graphs say otherwise. The 7900GT is 200-230 and the x1950xt is 230+. Hmmm. Either one kicks even a pair of my old cards. But then I have to throw one away . . . and I don’t know if my nvidia motherboard will like a Radeon plugged into it.  I don’t remember how that works . . .

April 7, 2007


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