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March 23, 2007

How to be a Successful Evil Overlord

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StumbleUpon for Firefox has revealed some sidesplitting fun today for me the least of which is:

How to be a Successful Evil Overlord
by Peter Anspach

Being an Evil Overlord seems to be a good career choice. It pays well, there are all sorts of perks and you can set your own hours. However every Evil Overlord I’ve read about in books or seen in movies invariably gets overthrown and destroyed in the end. I’ve noticed that no matter whether they are barbarian lords, deranged wizards, mad scientists, or alien invaders, they always seem to make the same basic mistakes every single time. With that in mind, allow me to present…


    For Example:

  1. My Legion of Terror will be trained in basic marksmanship. Any who cannot learn to hit a man-sized target at 10 meters will be used for target practice.
  2. Before employing any captured artifacts or machinery, I will carefully read the owners manual.
  3. If it becomes necessary to escape, I will never stop to pose dramatically and toss off a one-liner…
  4. No matter how many shorts we have in the system, my guards will be instructed to treat every surveillance camera malfunction as a full-scale emergency.
  5. When I create a multimedia presentation of my plan designed so that my five-year-old advisor can easily understand the details, I will not label the disk “Project Overlord” and leave it lying on top of my desk.

If you want to see what I have looked at today, my StumbleUpon name is DoctorFeelGood (as usual).


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