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February 9, 2007

Jack Bauer versus Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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From BoingBoing.net:

In this special 3-minute-long episode of 24, agent Jack Bauer tracks down the members of the deadly Aqua Teen Hunger Force in order to stop the LED Lite Brites from blowing up.

Hilarious stuff. For the Canadians reading this, the short story is a couple of fellows doing guerilla marketing for a TV cartoon show called Aqua Teen Hunger Force placed some lite-brite-type displays in public places. Of the cities involved, only Boston freaked out and shut down parts of the city due to the ‘terrorist’ threat after the devices were discoverd (of course, they had been there for up to two weeks). BoingBoing has links to the blow-by-blow. The story has been covered by every major new network down here.


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