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October 28, 2006

Don’t sell that T-shirt . . .

Filed under: Firefly — doctorfeelgood @ 2:12 pm

From Slashdot, seems Fox doesn’t like fan of Firefly/Serenity selling T-shirts that have vague references to the show/movie without a license.  Funny how there is no official merchandise to buy now that the movie promotion is over.  Going after fans of the movie may have a slightly negative effect on the fan base which Fox/Universal will desperatly need to promote Serenity 2.  On the other hand, if it is this important to them, maybe they have plans for a sequel and value the intellectual property?  I read some of the links and I think it is mostly Fox wanting to make $$ off of the fanbase instead of letting the mostly underground movement swell into a voice so strong they have to listen.  As several have said, selling the stuff and promoting the Firefly/Serenity ‘verse goes hand in hand, and it is nice to show your support by wearing a T-Shirt (like the one I bought from Cafepress which is now a collector’s item as they have been shut down) or showing off my ‘Serenity’ floor plan mouse pad.  I hope this doesn’t turn off more fans – I would guess a movie would make far more $$ than a few T-shirt/posters/artwork worth of lost revenue.  These people making the stuff in their basements out of love for the show and trying to get more to watch it are not doing it for the money by any means.  Seems a little heavy-handed to not only shut them down but demand licencing fees.


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