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September 30, 2006

Jollay Orchards

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We went apple picking today.  Here is a flickr set!


September 29, 2006


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Well, the new season has started and here are my opinions:

Standoff:  Ok, but it might be dead already.

Heroes: on the tivo to watch

Grey’s Anatomy:  the love triangle continues, but I actually like the show.  Yikes.

Kidnapped:  it is also quite good actually.

I am also watching Battlestar Galactica – on Season 1 DVD 1 so far.  It is really good!!!

September 22, 2006

Holy crap!

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Wow, it has been like two weeks since I blogged. Nice committment.

So, “Done The Impossible” has shown up and it is awesome, ‘Firefly’ was rebroadcast on SciFi but I don’t get it, I found two browncoats at work and convinced one to by ‘Firefly’ on DVD, and work sucks for two weeks on the road.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has started and I have seen it. Every other show is awaiting the wife and I to watch. There is a long list.

School started for both Megan and Chris – cool!

September 7, 2006

Microsoft fixes DRM vulnerability in three days . . .

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When the RIAA might lose some $ due to the PlayForSure crack, M$ jumps.  Nice.

Shooting Scripts for Firefly

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I never thought to look for stuff like this but AWESOME!

Firefly Shooting scripts!! Awesome! Must … download . . . when I . . . get home.

Excerpt from my fave “Out Of Gas”
THE AIRLOCK DOORS open, revealing two FIGURES, SILHOUETTED by sunlight, BLUE SKY behind them. (The ramp is down, and it seems we’re planetside someplace.)

The figures step onto the ship — and now we see that it’s MAL and ZOE. They enter the cargo bay. They might look slightly different than we’re used to, because it’s now a few years earlier.

Zoe steps deeper into the ship, takes it all in, as if for the first time. In fact, this is the first time she’s set foot on Serenity. Mal watches for her reaction.

They are the only two here. The cargo bay itself is now TOTALLY EMPTY. Big, empty and echo-y. And everything’s covered with a thick layer of dust.

(after a good long look)
You paid money for this… On purpose?

Come on, Zoe. Serious. Whaddya think?

Honestly, sir. I think you were robbed.

Robbed? What, no. What do you mean?

Sir, it’s a piece of < junk. > [Fei-oo.]

< Junk? > [Fei-oo?] Okay. So she won’t win any
beauty contests, that’s true enough. But she’s solid.
Ship like this, be with ya ’til the day you die.

Yessir. Because it’s a deathtrap.

September 6, 2006


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I forgot, the wife LOVES Grey’s Anatomy.  I watch because . . . and we are watching the repeats trying to catch all of season 2 before season 3 starts late September.  Netflix is helping out by having the entire season 2 box set next Tuesday.  I am guessing we will find time to watch them when they arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS – Standoff looked OK too.

Horses Near Our House

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Horses Near Our House

Originally uploaded by TheDudeRocks.

This is a pic of a farm with horses near our house. Yeah!

Today in the news…

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Well, if I got the SciFi channel I could watch Firefly in two weeks. I think that is awesome. In other news, the oldest is a freshman now – yikes!!! And I don’t remember needing a graphing calculator back in my day!

September 5, 2006

First day of School

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Well, today is the first day of school.  Yipee!!!  Just thought I would throw that in.

September 4, 2006

First Post

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Well, this is my first post. Apparently, I am number 337,001 to use WordPress. Safety in numbers. I am figuring this out so bear with me. I am going to copy the links and crap from my google web page that sucks to here.

So, bye for now.


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